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OpenNEX is designed to engage the global community of Earth scientists in cross-disciplinary research by combining global Earth observation datasets, shared scientific tools and workflows, and the power of cloud computing to enhance scientific collaboration and accelerate progress towards understanding emerging changes in the Earth system. OpenNEX is developing resources for scientists seeking to enhance their skills on a variety of research topics. OpenNEX learning resources include online lectures from the world's leading scientific experts and hands-on data analysis and modeling exercises enabled through virtual machines and shared workflows.

OpenNEX Workshops

OpenNEX workshops run for 12 weeks, with weekly lectures covering important and timely Earth system science themes, accompanied by a set of pre-populated virtual machines that provide direct access to key data sets, modeling codes, and analysis tools. Interested scientists can follow the workshop content, run the analysis and modeling codes, and interact online with other participants.
Participate and learn more about OpenNEX. Upcoming OpenNEX workshops will feature keynote speakers covering research themes from climate modeling to remote sensing applications and high performance computing in Earth Sciences - watch them live and participate in discussions with world leaders in Earth system science research.

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OpenNEX Virtual Labs on Amazon

We are experimenting with the idea of building an OpenNEX community in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) under a Space Act Agreement between NASA and Amazon.com, Inc. As part of this experiment, we seek to encourage the development of open technology, data analytics, and experimental pedagogy structured around NASA's global, open, Earth observation data assets. The partnership provides NASA with a scalable, proven infrastructure that has a multitude of capabilities for lowering barriers to access and use of global data sets and supercomputing resources for researchers and the public. More importantly, the partnership enables scientists and resource managers around the world to benefit from NASA-provided, ready-to-use data and knowledge encapsulated in Amazon Machine Images (AMI) or virtual machines (VM). OpenNEX users may work with the VMs outside of NASA's computing infrastructure, minimizing impacts to NASA while enhancing community participation.

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