Modeling Strategies for Adaptation to Coupled Climate and Land Use Change in the United States

Shared by Cristina Milesi on Mar 26, 2011


Author(s) :
Goetz, S., F. Melton, W. Wang, C. Milesi, D. Theobald

We used mapped and modeled land cover change in large watersheds of the eastern United States to explore the impacts of urbanization of hydrologic dynamics (runoff) and vegetation carbon uptake (gross productivity). We used the Terrestrial Observation and Predictions System (TOPS), a state of the art modeling framework for assimilating satellite data observations with ecosystem and hydrology models. We incorporated the future land use predictions into TOPS to establish a framework for simulating the influence of potential adaptation actions associated with land use. Our overriding hypothesis is that any of a number of land use practices can mitigate additional climate heating by increasing carbon sequestration via changes in primary productivity and hydrologic dynamics associated with energy cycle feedbacks to climate.

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