MODIS Land Cover Data (MCD12Q1)

A dataset shared by Sangram Ganguly on Mar 10, 2011


Land Cover Name: Land Cover Type Yearly L3 Global
Version: Collection 5
Spatial Resolution: 500m Temporal Resolution: Updated every year Temporal Frequency: Yearly

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Operating System
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Programming Language
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  • Indir Jaganjac, 2 years, 9 months

    Dr.Ganguly, Hello. I'll post data fusion 2012 results next week. I want to make sure that results are okay. It seems unbelievable that underground fractures in San Francisco Bay Area are revealed in fused images.

    regards. I. Jaganjac

  • Indir Jaganjac, 2 years, 10 months


    I have very interesting results on data fusion contest 2012. Remote sensing images are given for San Francisco Area, for period 2007-2011. Namely, multispectral, panchromatic, LiDAR and SAR. I also added earthquake catalog data from NCEDC site for that period. I used ZMAP Matlab package from ETHZ, then generated z-map in geotiff and fused with the given images. I did not submit the results, because of some possible misinterpretations and panic.

    I will post the fusion results on this web site, for peer review, by the Friday.


    Indir Jaganjac Bosnia