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Data collected since the beginning of the 20th century in the Bay Area point to two undeniable facts: sea levels and temperatures are rising. Climate change models, downscaled using data specifically from California, project continued sea level rise in San Francisco Bay and warmer temperatures. As the temperature warms, the Sierra Nevada snowpack, which is the major source of fresh water for the Bay Area, is expected to diminish in volume and melt earlier. These changes may impact water resources and energy reliability. The changing climate may also affect facility infrastructure, natural habitats, and quality of life. In fact, the California Natural Resources Agency, citing the seven- inch sea level rise along California’s coast over the past century, has already published guidelines for a state-wide adaptation strategy that includes provisions for both short- and long-term responses.1 The hazard-specific local information and projections provided here can help area leaders (NASA, together with its tenants, neighbors, and area government partners) understand what they may expect in the future, and plan accordingly.

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