Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies at NASA Ames Research Center: Full Report

Shared by Cristina Milesi on Oct 15, 2010


Author(s) :
Nicole Burroughs and Laura Iraci

Climate change poses a great risk to low-lying lands such as NASA Ames Research Center (ARC), which is located at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay estuary. The primary physical factors that are of concern at this facility are sea level rise (SLR) and changes in weather patterns. These changes could result in heavier rainfall events even though there may be a reduction in annual precipitation totals. It is important to realize that even modest SLR in the future will reduce the amount of precipitation needed to cause flooding conditions at NASA ARC, which could meet or exceed the impact of the last major flooding event that occurred at the Center in February 1998. This research examines the climate and sea level changes that have been observed at NASA ARC and compares them with the observed and projected changes in California and globally. An analysis of the weather and sea level conditions immediately before and during the 1998 event and a comparison of these conditions to projected changes will allow adaptation strategy formulation to help prepare NASA ARC for an increased risk of flooding due to climate change. This project is in support of the NASA Climate Change Adaptation Science Team.

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NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program
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NASA Ames Research Center
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