NCDC Climate Data for Moffett Field, CA

A dataset shared by Cristina Milesi on Oct 14, 2010


Data from the National Climate Data Center, Global Surface Data, Daily Data.

Period: 01-1972/09-2010

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  • Cristina Milesi, 4 years, 5 months

    To update the data:

    Go To:

    Click on: "Climate and Weather"

    Click on: "Global Surface Data"

    Click on: "Data Set/ Product" Scroll down then select on: "Surface Data, Hourly Global (Over 10,000 worldwide sites)"

    Click on: "Access Data/ Products"

    Agree to WMO Resolution 40 NOAA Policy on data usage

    Click either: Simplifed or Advanced options depending on data needed.

    Select: "Country" and ensure "United States" is selected

    Click on: "Contunue"

    Select: "California..... " from the drop down box

    Ensure that "Selected Station in the state" is selected

    Click on: "Continue"

    Select one or more of the listed stations depending on time frame needed (The one listed first has the most recent data):

    MOUNTAIN VIEW (SUNN.................. 74509023244 01/1973 to XX/XXXX (Most recent date)

    MOUNTAIN VIEW (SUNN.................. 74509099999 11/2000 to 01/2005

    MOUNTAIN VIEW MOFFETT FLD NAS........ 99999923244 03/1945 to 12/1972

    Click on: "Continue"

    Select: date range and check option if you only want the hourly observations.

    Click on: "Continue"

    Click on: the "Inventory File" link highlighted in blue to see number of available data records.

    Check: the option next to the Inventory Review statement.