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Carbon Emissions from Historical Land-Use and Land-Use Change

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Contributing Author(s) :
Prasanth Meiyappan and Atul Jain

Described in the publication, Jain et al. (2013), "CO2 emissions from land‐use change affected more by nitrogen cycle, than by the choice of land‐cover data", Global Change Biology, 19, 2893-2906. The data provides annual net land-atmosphere carbon flux and net flux of carbon to the atmosphere due to land-use and land-use change. The data span 1800-2010 and are aggregated for nine regions of the globe. The estimates are calculated using a land-surface model, with interactive carbon and nitrogen dynamics, and three historical reconstructions of land-cover change and land-use conversions as described in Meiyappan and Jain (2012). Data is currently available in xls format through the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC).

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