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Global Historical Land-Cover Change and Land-Use Conversions Dataset

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Contributing Author(s) :
Prasanth Meiyappan and Atul Jain

Described in the publication, Meiyappan and Jain (2012), "Three distinct global estimates of historical land-cover change and land-use conversions for over 200 years", Frontiers of Earth Science, 6(2), 122-139. A set of three estimates of land-cover types and annual transformations of land use are provided on a global 0.5°x0.5° grid at annual time steps. The longest of the three estimates spans 1770-2010. The three estimates use three different data sets of cropland and pastureland. Common input data sets are of wood harvest and urban land. The three estimates use a consistent methodology, and start and end with common land-cover maps, taking different courses from the starting map to the finish map. The land-cover maps are reported as the percentage of grid cell area containing each of 28 land-cover types. The land-use conversion maps are reported as the percentage of the grid cell area transformed for each of 92 possible land-use conversions. Data is currently available in classic NetCDF format through the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC).

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