Landsat NDWI for rivers at average conditions

A dataset shared by George Allen on Sep 19, 2013


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George Allen

This is a global data set of normalized difference water index (NDWI) images derived from 30 m resolution Landsat 4-8 imagery. Scenes were selected based on when rivers were most likely to be at average hydrologic conditions (mean discharge). Data set coverage is global excluding North America and Greenland.

We calculated NDWI as follows: B2 = LS band 2, 0.52-0.60 μm; B5 = LS band 5, 1.55-1.75 μm; Convert B2 and B5 to integer format; NDWI = (B2 - B5) / (B2 + B5); If B2 + B5 = 0 then set NDWI pixel to 0; Rescale NDWI from 0 to 255 and convert to byte format;

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