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The overall goal of the proposed research is to utilize the 15-year multiple satellite altimeter data, other satellite data, in situ observations combined with ocean and global coupled climate models, to provide a thorough understanding of the causes for the interannual variability and decadal change of thermocline depth and the upper-ocean heat content in the IO. The objectives to achieve this goal are to: [1] explore the spatial pattern and basin-mean interannual variability of sea level, thermocline depth and heat content especially in the upper ocean; quantify the relative importance of wind-induced circulation, surface radiative fluxes, turbulent heat fluxes and remote forcing from the Pacific via the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) on the variability; [2] estimate the decadal variations and change of IO thermocline, heat storage and heat content, and investigate the causes for the variability and change; [3] assess the rectification of ISOs into the interannual variability and decadal change of the upper-ocean heat content; [4] identify and document mesoscale eddies and explore their influence on the thermocline depth and heat transport. The project will directly contribute to the goals of the Ocean Surface Topography Science Team (OSTST) by utilizing satellite altimetry to basic research, and serve the strategic goals of NASA Earth Science Program: Study Earth from space to advance scientific understanding and meet societal needs. The project is a team effort among the University of Colorado (W. Han and J. Weiss), the National Center for Atmospheric Research (G. Meehl and A. Hu), and the University of Tokyo, Japan (Y. Masumoto).

Project PI: Weiqing Han/The University of Colorado

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences University of Colorado UCB 311, Boulder, Co 80309Duane Physics Bldg, Room D-349

Phone: 303-735-3079

Fax: 303-492-3524



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