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We propose: (i) Airborne measurement of aerosol size distributions in the diameter range from 4 nm to 2000 nm from the WB-57 in the MAPEX campaign. (ii) Modeling of the evolution of measured size distributions under measured or reasonable atmospheric conditions to determine the likely impact of new particle formation, condensation and coagulation on the populations of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) that participate in cirrus formation. (iii) Modeling of cloud-aerosol interactions to understand the impact of the cirrus on the upper tropospheric aerosol. We propose to make the measurements from the NASA WB57f aircraft with the Focused Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer II (FCAS) and the Nuclei Mode Aerosol Size Spectrometer (NMASS). We will use two models of aerosol dynamics to analyze the aerosol processes. The proposed activities will make the following contributions: (1) The FCAS and NMASS measurements made in MACPEX will add mid-latitude, continental data to an extensive data base of measurements from the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere. It will permit comparison of mid-latitude, continental cirrus with the sub-tropical and tropical cirrus measurements already made off Florida and Costa Rica. (2) The proposed modeling will show how the chemical and physical properties of the particles change as they are transported into the region of cloud formation. This will shed light on the processes that impact the number and nature of cloud nuclei in this region. The proposed modeling exercise will help determine if new particles play a role in cirrus nucleation. The modeling should also help understand if externally mixed aerosol populations can arrive at the location of the cirrus formation. (3) The in situ validation of satellite retrieval of aerosol properties will help reduce the uncertainties in the role of particles on climate.

Project PI: James Wilson/University of Denver

University of Denver Clarence M. Knudson Hall, Room 200 Denver, CO

Phone: (303) 871-3002



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