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It is proposed that the advanced Cloud Integrating Nethelometer (CIN) is deployed on the NASA WB-57 research aircraft during MACPEX. This probe measures the optical extinction coefficient, asymmetry parameter, and backscatter ratio, all of which are relevant in determining the bulk optical properties of cirrus ice crystals. The extinction measurement is given critical priority for meeting MACPEX science questions and objectives. The combination of CIN extinction measurements and ice water content (IWC) measured by others on the WB-57 leads to the calculation of ice-crystal effective radius (Re) which is also a sought after property of the ice crystals. The prior use of the CIN in NASA field missions (FIRE-ACE, CRYSTAL-FACE, MidCiX) has resulted in useful data and publications, and also has generated the conclusion that the CIN’s sensitivity needs improvement to measure the optical properties in the more tenuous cirrus, and the opinion that the CIN may be vulnerable to ice-crystal breakup causing overestimates in the measurements due to ice-crystal shards intercepting its sample volume. Both these issues have been addressed given continued NASA support, resulting in an advanced CIN with 10 to 15 times the sensitivity of the earlier CIN version, and with a redesign of the inlet slot to reduce the possibility of significant ice-crystal breakup. The proposed work includes the participation in the field phase of MACPEX with data collected on the WB-57 with the advanced CIN. The work further includes reduction of the CIN data to yield extinction coefficients, asymmetry parameters, and effective radii. Comparisons will be made with data produced by other ice-particle probes on the WB-57, and with satellite and DOE ARM site remote sensing. Estimates of the radiative forcing will be made.

Project PI: Hermann Gerber/Gerber Scientific Inc.

Gerber Scientific Inc. 1643 Bentana Way Reston, VA 20190 USA

Phone: (703) 742-9844

Fax: (703) 742-3374



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