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We propose to provide high accuracy, high precision measurements of water vapor aboard the NASA WB-57 aircraft during the 2010 Mid-latitude Airborne Cirrus Properties Experiment (MACPEX) field campaign. The Diode Laser Hygrometer (DLH) will provide this measurement. We also propose to analyze the raw signals from the DLH to infer the near-infrared optical extinction due to the cirrus cloud particles which are the subject of this field study, as well as to assess the effects of particle shattering on probe-based instruments. Both the primary measurement, H2O(v), and the secondary measurement, <near-infrared extinction>, are critical to the scientific success of MACPEX. The DLH instrument we propose for MACPEX is a spinoff from the heritage DLH instrument which has flown on the NASA DC-8 during ~15 field campaigns since 1995. The DLH possess measurement accuracy, precision and time resolution which meet the needs of MACPEX. In recent campaigns, DLH data have been used for validation of satellite sensors and pollution transport models. The DLH we propose for MACPEX was flown for the first time on the WB-57 during the 2008 NOVICE campaign. In addition, the DLH is currently scheduled to fly again on the WB-57 during the autumn of 2009 as a piggyback instrument. While this instrument does not, per se, have the history of other instruments which may fly on this aircraft, it shares the technological and personnel heritage of the very successful DC-8 instrument. For MACPEX, DLH archived H2O(v) data will have 1-sec resolution with better than 5% accuracy (with higher rate data available), while the extinction data will be generated during cloud encounters at 1 sec resolution. This high quality dataset will help address science, modeling, and satellite validation objectives outlined in the MACPEX solicitation.

Project PI: Glenn Diskin/NASA Langley Research Center



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