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This proposal is a request for support to serve as the Temporary Science Team Leader (TSTL) for the ad hoc IceBridge Science Definition Team (IST) in 2010. IceBridge is the name for the aircraft missions that are designed to fill the gap in laser coverage between ICESat-1, which ceased operation in 2009, and ICESat-II, which is scheduled for launch in about 2016. The ad hoc IST consists of approximately twenty scientists with expertise in altimetry measurements over ice, radar sounding of ice, sea ice, snow on sea and land ice, the ice sheets, bed and outlet glaciers, development and utility of datasets to support modeling studies, and ice sheet dynamics. As TSTL, I will coordinate and integrate the efforts of this team through meetings and telecons to ensure that IceBridge delivers assessments and sampling strategies of ice sheets and sea ice consistent with programmatic and technical constraints. Although the focus of IceBridge is on the replacement and continuity of the ICESat laser altimeter observations, because of the payload capability of an aircraft, in addition to lasers, the IceBridge aircraft also carry an ice-penetrating radar, a snow thickness radar, a gravimeter and nadir looking cameras. These allow measurement of ice sheet thickness, bedrock depth, and from the gravimeter, the shapes of the water filled cavities beneath ice tongues. The primary mission however, is to fill the laser coverage gap between the two ICESat missions. The proposal also requests funds for two workshops, the first in June, the second in September. The tentative venue of the June workshop is the University of Washington (Seattle); the September workshop, Goddard. The June workshop (2-3 days duration) has two functions: to allow instrument investigators from the fall 2009 Antarctic missions to present their data and schedules for data processing and archiving, and for the IST to begin scientific planning for the fall 2010 Antarctic mission. The organization of the September workshop will have a similar format; reports on data status and plans from the instrument investigators from the Greenland 2010 flights, and scientific planning for the spring 2011 Greenland flights. For these workshops, the proposal contains funding for participant travel and lodging; the University of Washington will provide travel arrangements for the participants. In summary and as the proposal describes, as team leader, I will: - Develop consensus among the IST on the IceBridge science requirements - Develop a flowdown from science to measurement requirements - Participate in the Arctic and Antarctic flights, as required - Coordinate the input from the IST to arrive at an optimal configuration for the missions that meet the science objectives - Organize and run the data and planning workshops - Document all above activities and outcomes

Project PI: Seelye Martin/University of Washington

Phone: (206) 543-6438



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