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The status and trend of phytoplankton biomass (traditionally measured by concentration of chlorophyll, Chl) are important information regarding marine ecosystems, and Chl products derived from satellite ocean color sensors (e.g. MODIS of NASA, MERIS of ESA) are widely used for studies of marine ecosystems and for decision makings. At present these researches and activities (such as NOAA's Harmful Algal Blooms Observing System) use near-daily and subsequent temporal Chl products obtained directly from satellite sensors, of which advection impacts from currents and tides are ignored. Such time series can result in ambiguous conclusions about the temporal changes (or trends) of phytoplankton in marine ecosystems, thus limit the success of correct decisions and accurate assessment of the status of marine ecosystems. To obtain a reliable description of phytoplankton status and trend in the Gulf of Mexico, and ultimately to improve decision makings, we will demonstrate and characterize the utilization of an innovative satellite Chl product. Specifically, we will 1) demonstrate the feasibility of generating new Chl products by coupling existing satellite products with widely used circulation models, 2) demonstrate the applications of such new products in analyzing phytoplankton dynamics and in decision making activities, and 3) characterize quantitatively the resulted improvements in decision makings. This proposed effort addresses NASA Applied Sciences Program areas "2.2.3 Ecosystems," and is designed specifically to provide "a feasibility study of a concept(s) for potential application(s) of specific NASA Earth science research results to improve decision-making activities." Results from this effort will benefit both NASA Strategic Subgoal 3A "Study Earth from space to advance scientific understanding and meet societal needs" and the priority areas of water quality monitoring and ecosystem integration and assessment, which are identified by the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) Action Plan.

Project PI: ZhongPing Lee/Northern Gulf Institute

Stennis Space Center 108,1103 Balch Blvd Stennis Space Center, MS 39529

Phone: (228) 688-3085



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