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The northeastern US coastal waters are downwind of a densely populated continent with interaction between continental and marine air masses. Variation of aerosol properties remains one of the largest sources of uncertainties in satellite ocean color products. The proposed research will utilize a comprehensive in situ measurement network already in place in the region to assess the validity of i) satellite aerosol retrievals from both MODIS-OC and MODIS-ATM; ii) water-leaving radiance retrievals from MODIS-OC; and iii) aerosol profile products from CALIPSO. The overall goal is to understand how, when, and where variations in atmospheric aerosol properties drive uncertainties in coastal satellite ocean color retrievals. I propose to evaluate fundamental assumptions under the current MODIS atmospheric correction scheme, including the adequacy of the candidate aerosol models, the impact of the aerosol vertical structure, and other factors. I will demonstrate how ground-based aerosol measurements can be used to improve the atmospheric correction over coastal waters. There are six continuous AERONET sites in the region, three of them operated by UNH and one of which includes the invaluable ocean color measurement capability. The two other UNH sites will have high-vertical-resolution Micro-Pulse Lidar systems (MPLNET). Data analysis will focus on 1) variability in in situ and satellite-derived aerosols, linked with meteorological information to identify aerosol sources; 2) satellite and in situ match-up comparisons; 3) evaluation of atmospheric correction algorithms, and recommendation of the best option for this region, and 4) exploration of newly-available CALIPSO data for ocean color related studies. The education plan has two components: 1) development of a hands-on laboratory segment for two graduate-level remote sensing courses at UNH with the goal to enable students to evaluate satellite retrievals in the context of ground-based measurements; and 2) creation of materials on aerosol measurement and remote sensing for a UNH outreach program.

Project PI: Hui Feng/University of New Hampshire

OPAL, University of New Hampshire Morse Hall 39 College Road Durham, NH 03824


Fax: 603-8620243



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