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We propose to develop a Collaborative Geospatial Decision Support System (CGDSS) in response to a Gulf of Mexico Alliance priority issue--reduction of nutrient inputs to coastal ecosystems. The CGDSS will be deployed initially by the Total Maximum Daily Loading (TMDL) Program of the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The TMDL Program is a major component of Texas's overall process for managing the quality of its surface waters. A TMDL identifies the amount of a specific pollutant, from point, nonpoint, and natural background sources, including a margin of safety, that may be discharged to a water body while still meeting existing water quality standards. The effectiveness of the current TCEQ decision making is inherently hindered by a number of factors including lack of resources to assist TMDL decisions via fusion of up-to-date satellite Earth observation and in-situ monitoring data. The specific objectives of CGDSS are to improve the current TCEQ decision-making activity by (i) enhancing informed environmental decision making in anticipation of predicted climate changes and projected population growth in coastal regions; (ii) expanding societal benefits of NASA Earth observation products and research results; (iii) improving stakeholder participation in the decision-making process through knowledge sharing and enhanced visualization; and (iv) improving understanding of the watershed stress-response characteristics with reduced costs. The novelty of our proposed effort resides in the seamless integration of data acquisition, visualization, geospatial analytics, and stakeholder participation using cost-effective open-source web-based tools. We will work closely with TCEQ collaborators to elicit functional requirements and to delineate a product transition plan. This project is responsive to the strategic goal of the Water Resources application area in NASA's Applied Sciences Program, "Provide an integrated management approach for sustainable use of water and focuses on Earth science applications to water resource management."

Project PI: Alexander Sun/Southwest Research Institute

Phone: (210) 522-6800



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