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We propose to employ Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) time series data products to improve Mississippi's state assessments of coastal forest damage and recovery from Hurricane Katrina. As a category 3 hurricane, Katrina caused unprecedented region-wide forest damage due to a combination of wind, flooding, precipitation, and storm surge effects. Even though forest damage assessments have been performed for Hurricane Katrina, many information gaps remain for restoring and managing storm-damaged coastal forest ecosystems. In response, the project will employ 2000-present MODIS time series data products to quantify and assess forest damage and recovery extent and location across the Hurricane Katrina impact zone. Such products will be computed from MODIS Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and Normalized Difference Moisture Index time series data to aid information needs of the Mississippi Institute for Forest Inventory (MIFI). We will also integrate MODIS-based damage detection products with ancillary data to assess the context of the damage. Ancillary products for integration will include data on pre-hurricane forest type and biomass conditions, storm intensity, storm track, elevation, and site wetness. The project will also employ MODIS techniques to monitor forest conditions since the storm, including evidence of subsequent recovery. The Institute for Technology Development and Science Systems and Applications, Inc., will perform this work with MIFI as the main institutional partner. Products from the project will help to aid and improve forestry decision-making needs of MIFI. Access to final products will be also provided to the Mississippi Automated Resource Information System to increase Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) access. The proposed work pertains to multiple GOMA priorities: 1) wetland and coastal conservation restoration; 2) identification and characterization of Gulf of Mexico; and 3) reductions in nutrient inputs to coastal ecosystems. It regards Disaster Management, Agriculture, and Ecological Forecasting applications of NASA's Applied Sciences program.

Project PI: Mark Lewis/ITD



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