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We propose a project for coastal Louisiana that combines space geodetic measurements with high resolution, near real time satellite and airborne imaging. The geodetic data (a combination of GPS and PSInSAR) will be used to define areas characterized by high subsidence rate. Subsidence rates as high as one inch per year have been documented in a few localities in the Mississippi Delta, implying the need for updated elevation and flood hazard maps. The subsidence study proposed here will allow resources to be focused on areas most in need of updated elevation and flood hazard assessment. Pre-and post-event satellite and airborne imaging has two goals. Prior to a flood event, we hope to define areas already identified in the subsidence/elevation part of the study with key infrastructure at risk, e.g., bridges. This would allow improved planning for flood damage repair, such as pre-positioning of resources. Imagery acquired immediately after a flood or storm surge will allow rapid post-event damage assessment, allowing resources to be focused in regions of maximum need. The investigators have a proven track record in both areas: Dixon (UM) has already used GPS and InSAR to investigate subsidence in parts of the Mississippi delta, while Mitchell (LDOTD) worked with Dixon during the Hurricane Katrina crisis to use near real time satellite imagery to assess flood damage in New Orleans.

Project PI: Timothy Dixon/University of Miami

University of Miami 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami, FL 33149

Phone: (305) 421-4660



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