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This project focuses on the application themes of climate and water resources, and has two objectives: 1) to provide potable and integrated water resources management information on Himalyan glacier fed rivers in Asia using NASA’s satellite remote sensing and 2) to provide projections of climate change impacts on water resources. The proposed system will aid populations at risk with early warning of floods, droughts and other water and climate-induced natural hazards in the Himalayan region (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Burma, Nepal, and Pakistan), which is home to over 200 million inhabitants. The project, named HIMALA, will be spearheaded by USGS, USAID, and the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). Glaciers are the largest reservoir of freshwater on Earth and major river systems in the region receive over half of their water from glacier melt. Climate change as well as population growth, changing economic activity, land use change, rapid urbanization, and inefficient water use stress scarce water resources. National governments in the region have limited capacity to determine the impact of long term changes in river flow due to scarcity of hydrometeorological data, limited technical capacity, and the transboundary nature of many major river systems. This project will use multiple NASA sensors, including ASTER, MODIS (future VIIRS), TRMM and ICESat, and further augment the GLIMS glacier database with information from the Himalaya region, augmenting our ability to monitor long term ice storage and water resources in the region. New HIMALA products will also provide a wide range of secondary benefits, including information on water availability for irrigation, hydropower capacity, flood management, and conservation of natural resources.

Project PI: Shahid Habib/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Dr. Shahid Habib NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Office of Science UtilizationGreenbelt MD 20771 United States

Phone: 301 614 5392

Fax: 301 614 5620



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