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Atmospheric Composition

Comparisons of simulated fields with observations are a key element of modeling efforts, to evaluate the models, to diagnose any deficiencies and the importance of deficiencies to predictions, and to strengthen the physical basis of the models, thereby making predictions more credible. This effort will center on comparisons between fields simulated with observations and observations. Comparisons will consider observations from instruments on satellites such as Aura (2004 - ongoing), SciSat (2004 - ongoing) and the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (1991 - 2005), ground-based instruments that are part of the Network for Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change, and tropical water vapor and ozone sonde profiles. The effort will use output from the two types of three dimensional models that are used in the Goddard Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch. Chemistry and transport models (CTMs) produce “Off-line” simulations in which the meteorological fields are specified and the constituent evolution is calculated accounting for the transport and photochemical contributions to continuity equations. Chemistry-Climate models (CCMs) may use the same photochemical scheme and the same approach to numerical transport as CTMs, but the meteorological fields are obtained by solving the equations of motion and the simulated ozone and other radiatively active gases interact with the radiation code. Areas of inquiry will include transport and mixing in the summer stratosphere, interannual variability in mixing in the winter lower stratosphere and its importance to variability in the middle latitude ozone column, and the tropical variability produced by horizontal transport between the lower stratosphere and upper tropical troposphere. The goal of the comparisons is to identify deficiencies in the simulations and develop a framework for model improvement.

Project PI: Anne Douglass/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Code 613.3 Goddard Space Flight Center National Aeronautics and Space Administration Greenbelt, MD 20771 USA

Phone: (301) 614-6028

Fax: (301) 614-5903



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