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Soil moisture (SM) retrievals from microwave sensors such as Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - EOS (AMSR-E) depend on reliable estimates of vegetation canopy water content (CWC), which is also related to the water cycle through fine scale impacts like water deficit stress, forest physiology, and large scale impacts regional wildfire behaviour and wildfire risk. This study will take advantage of the soil moisture experiment (SMEX) 2004 to put together a multi-temporal and multi-scale database to sort out the relationships between SM and CWC. A new field experiment will be carried out for two years within mid-continent intensive field campaign (MCI). The field data will be compared to across multiple satellite sensors. In response to the NASA Terrestrial Hydrology Program (THP) NASA Research Announcement (NRA), this proposal also relates CWC to rainfall, SM and Evapotranspiration (ET) to provide further understanding of the land-plant-atmosphere water fluxes from remote sensing. We build on a three years Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) research project in which we demonstrated that CWC can be accurately retrieved from MODIS. The goal of this new project is to improved retrieval of SM in preparation for the Soil Moisture Active/Passive mission, we will generate a standard CWC based on inversion of biophysical radiative transfer models developed for discontinues canopies. We propose to also incorporate surface temperature in the model and calibrate for different vegetation types. The outcome of the research will be publicly accessible including 1) the field data and remote sensing product outcome of the analysis of water fluxes over SMEX 2004 and the proposed field experiment 2) the algorithm for retrieval CWC from high and low remote sensing products for further analysis and/or implementation into the SM Active/Passive satellite missions.

Project PI: David Riano/University of California, Davis



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