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The boreal forest is the largest forest biome in the world and contains the greatest amount of carbon stocks. The proposal squarely addresses the NASA 2008 Terrestrial Ecology call (ROSES-2008, A.2), Subelement 3: High Latitude Research theme on conducting global carbon cycle studies to reduce major global carbon cycle uncertainties for boreal ecosystems. This research benefits from our recent work in Eurasia, Europe and North America and will provide key information that can be used in (a) bottom-up, (b) top-down, and (c) data assimilation / data fusion approaches for modeling regional, continental, and global carbon cycles. The biomass and C stock products that we will develop will help provide the foundation for a potential synergy initially between the ICESat II, MODIS/VIIRS and OCO satellite platforms and sensors end eventually other Decadal Survey missions such as DESDynI (or LiST) and ASCENDS. We will use a successful hierarchical sampling approach involving new and exisitng ground plots, exisiting airborne lidar data, and available spaceborne lidar to develop estimates of the quantity of aboveground biomass and carbon (C) stocks in the circumpolar boreal forest. We will capitalize on our recent work combining space lidar data - Geosciences Laser Altimeter System, GLAS, onboard ICESat - with MODIS land products, supported by Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) or ASTER derived forest cover maps and available digital elevation model (DEM) data ( e.g., Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) and NIMA DTED) to tabulate and map the spatial distribution of aboveground biomass and C stocks in the boreal forest for the major ecozones and cover types of the circumpolar boreal forest. Finally, we will evaluate the statistical uncertainty of aboveground biomass and carbon stocks by evaluating different techniques for assessing variance estimators for the type of transect sampling done using spaceborne lidars.

Project PI: Jon Ranson/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Biospheric Sciences Branch Code 614.4 NASA GSFC Greenbelt, MD 20771

Phone: (301) 614-6650

Fax: (301) 614-6695



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