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With this proposal I am applying for membership in the Science Definition Team (SDT) of the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission. I have extensive experience in global soil moisture remote sensing and data assimilation. At the NASA/GSFC Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO), I have developed a comprehensive land data assimilation system (LDAS) that was tested successfully with satellite soil moisture retrievals and used for SMAP-relevant error-budget studies. This system offers a technology that is unparalleled for generating the SMAP Level 4 soil moisture data assimilation product (L4SM) and for SMAP error budget and science trade-off studies. As a Science Team member for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E) I have experience with highly relevant precursor satellite data. Through a successful proposal to the European Space Agency I will have access to data from the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission for calibrating and testing the SMAP L4SM. I also have experience in land surface initialization for weather and short-term climate forecasts. As an active participant in the SMAP Science Transition Team I have spearheaded the preliminary definition of the SMAP Level 4 soil moisture data assimilation product (L4SM), assessed the computational and data processing requirements for the L4SM product, contributed to internal SMAP documents on science and measurement requirements and cost estimates, and established communications with potential users of SMAP data. If selected to the SDT, I will work to formulate, implement, and test the L4SM algorithm (based on the existing GMAO-LDAS), lead or contribute to prelaunch studies that refine the science and measurement requirements, provide expert guidance for SMAP product definition, calibration and validation strategies, and liaise with the broader science and applications communities.

Project PI: Rolf Reichle/NASA GSFC

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Global Modeling and Assimilation Office Mail Code 610.1 8800 Greenbelt Rd Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA

Phone: (301) 614-5693

Fax: (301) 614-6297



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