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SMAP will make major contributions to a wide range of science and applications. The success of the mission will be judged by at least two metrics; the ability to provide products of sufficient accuracy and the benefits that society nets from these products. This proposal focuses on contributions to the SMAP Science Development Team (SDT) in the areas of validation and soil moisture algorithm development. The wide range of activities described here will contribute to the pre-launch planning for the SMAP mission by; providing guidance and coordination in establishing the overall project Validation Plan, contributing to specific objectives related to the soil moisture products, conducting pre-launch algorithm development and validation, establishing and coordinating in situ soil moisture resources, and participating in both the design and execution of field campaigns. The proposal team is uniquely suited to addressing the needs of the SMAP mission SDT. They have participated in all phases of research that led to the SMAP mission. Algorithm development experience includes radiometer, radar and combined soil moisture retrieval from towers, aircraft and multiple satellites. Hydrologic applications explored have included irrigation, floods, and evapotranspiration. As a member of the NASA and JAXA AMSR-E Validation Teams and Hydros Science Team they have developed and implemented approaches that will directly translate to SMAP. Their current positions on the Scientific Advisory Group of SMOS, GCOM-W Algorithm and Validation Team, and the International Soil Moisture Working Group will provide important links to validation programs and resources or SMAP. In addition to providing guidance based upon experience and expertise, we would address issues in the development of L3 algorithms, the exploitation of existing and near future satellites for SMAP algorithm development and validation, global validation with in situ soil moisture data, and pre-launch field experiments to support critical algorithm and science issues.

Project PI: Thomas Jackson/USDA ARS

USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory Bldg. 007, Rm. 104, BARC-West Beltsville, MD 20705-2350 USA

Phone:(301) 504-8511

Fax:(301) 504-8931

Email: thomas.jacksonĀ


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