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We will develop and apply new approaches to InSAR time series analysis to: (1) Derive measurements of tectonic deformation that begin to fully account for the various processes that can affect InSAR measurements along with their associated spatial and temporal covariances, (2) Take advantage of standard approaches in the post-processing of continuous GPS data, but appropriately modified for InSAR applications to reflect the greater computational burden of dealing with time series of radar images (requiring significant algorithmic development), (3) Systematically integrate InSAR measurements with GPS data when and where available, and (4) Apply these new analysis approaches to mine existing data in the WInSAR archive to investigate patterns of deformation in the Basin & Range, the Eastern California Shear Zone, and Long Valley Caldera (key targets for the EarthScope program) as well as other regions where deep InSAR images archives are available. We will formulate the estimation problem to: permit the effects of orbital error, propagation delay, seasonal and tidal deformation, decorrelation, and tectonic deformation in a consistent manner, to easily increase the complexity of the models, and to take advantage of available metadata (e.g., externally derived estimates of tropospheric path delay). The key development making our proposed algorithm computationally viable is our use of filter banks or wavelets to describe the spatial variation of phase combined with more conventional basis functions in the time dimension. This proposal specifically addresses research questions posed in NASA's Earth Surface and Interior Program with regards to understanding the variability, forcing, response, and prediction of Earth's surface change with emphasis on the goals outlined in the Solid Earth Science Working Group report for improving our understanding of surface deformation through improved geodetic analyses. The approaches described here will contribute directly to the eventual exploitation of a future dedicated U.S. InSAR mission.

Project PI: Mark Simons/California Institute Of Technology

Seismological Laboratory Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences 252-21 Caltech Pasadena CA 91125 U.S.A.

Phone: 626-395-6984

Fax: 626-564-0715



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