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As Global High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) Pilot Project matured, its variety of operational gridded analyses, Level 4 (L4) products, started growing very fast. At this stage, specifying the uncertainty in these products, characterizing products' differences and effective resolutions for various applications, identifying most successful analysis methodologies - these issues moved to the forefront of the GHRSST needs. The objectives of proposed project are to intercompare major representative GHRSST L4 products; describe their biases and time-varying errors in a uniform and consistent way; characterize their effective spatial and temporal resolution and to analyze the distribution of their error over time and space scales; track their error characteristics to the error in their input data and their analyses techniques; identify best methods and practices for producing high-resolution objective SST analyses on the basis of large amount of satellite and in situ input data; evaluate best achievable error and stability characteristics of optimal SST analyses as a function of effective target resolution. Work towards these objectives involves analyzing small-scale and short-term variability in SST, its connection to the error in observations and gridded objective analyses, and characterizing actual and potential effective resolution of gridded fields (due to spatial and temporal smoothing involved and to resolution differences in input data sets, the effective resolution of L4 products might deviate significantly from their nominal grid resolutions). Results will be compared with SST simulations by ocean models and variability in surface winds and other dynamically connected variables. This project contributes to the NASA strategic goal of studying Earth from space and to the research objective of understanding the role of oceans in the climate system. By characterizing uncertainties in GHRSST data products and developing ways to reduce these uncertainties, this proposal responds to a specific priority to understand and estimate SST identified in this announcement.

Project PI: Alexey Kaplan/Columbia University

103 Oceanography P.O. Box 1000 / 61 Route 9W Palisades, NY 10964-8000, USA

Phone:(845) 365-8689

Fax: (845) 365-8736



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