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Fluctuations of African Easterly Wave (AEW), which are related the the African Easterly Jet (AEJ) are known to have important local and downstream effect. They can affect storm development over the Atlantic and through them impact the U.S economy. Locally, the variability of the AEJ and AEWs are related to the rainfall variability over West Africa, which makes impact on water resources, agriculture, and health throughout the region. Currently, there are still fundamental gaps in our understanding of the controls of interannual variability of the AEJ/AEWs and of their downstream effects due to the complexity of multi-scale phenomena involved. We propose to use MERRA products together with the GEOS-5 AGCM to carry out studies to improve our understanding of the controls of interannual variability of AEJ/AEWs and associated weather and climate systems. We will analyze the reanalyses to highlight the science issues and carry out AGCM experiments and coupled AGCM-OGCM hindcasts to confirm the science issues. We will focus on the: AEJ, AEWs, their downstream effects, role of AEWs and Atlantic environment in cyclogenesis and storm/hurricane tracks, and relationship among AEJ and AEWs and the West African Monsoon (WAM) rainfall. Results from analyzing the MERRA products will be compared with ERA-40, NCEP2, and the JRA-25. Specific questions addressed across NASA-ESE research foci: We will study the impact of AEJ/AEWs on storms over the Atlantic including the potential for making landfall over U.S.A. which links "the local weather variations to global cliamte". NWP should be improved by increasing our understanding of the controls of variability and by lessons learned from hindcasts, which will "improve forecast duration and reliability". AGCM experiments will be carried out to better understand the impact of the interannual variation of the land use over Africa on the AEJ/AEWs and West African Monsoon rainfall)?

Project PI: Man-Li Wu/ NASA Goddard Space Flight Center



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