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Atmospheric Composition, Water & Energy Cycles

We propose to use NCAR’s CAM and WACCM models with a sectional microphysical model, CARMA, to simulate clouds and aerosols in the UTLS. We will also use particle tracer code for subvisible cirrus. We developed global models that are able to simulate the size distributions and concentrations of particles in the UTLS. We have applied these models to sulfate particles and subvisible cirrus. Here we propose several activities. (1) We will continue to develop numerical techniques to treat particles in three dimensional climate and chemistry models. We will make these codes computationally efficient, and consistent with the NCAR CAM/WACCM frameworks, and the Goddard GEOS-5 framework. We will assist Goddard collaborators in implementing these codes in GEOS-5. (2) We will extend our sulfate model to organics, micrometeorites, and ammoniated species. New data allow us to use aerosols as dynamical and chemical tracers, which may lead to new insights into cross tropopause transport, and mixing between different parts of the stratosphere and troposphere. (3) We will evaluate geo-engineering schemes using stratospheric sulfates to moderate greenhouse climates, focusing on both the climate and the atmospheric chemistry implications. (4) We will investigate how subvisible cirrus clouds control stratospheric water vapor. It is challenging to model these clouds because the hydrological schemes in GCMs are crude, the spatial grids are generally coarse, and the data on these clouds is very limited. We use CARMA to replace parts of the hydrological schemes in CAM/WACCM. We use GEOS-5 winds to get higher resolution than available in the NCEP winds often used to drive CAM. We also explore Lagrangian-trajectory techniques to help resolve the coarse spatial grid problems. Finally we have access to new data sets, which provide new insight into cloud properties and behavior.

Project PI: Owen Toon/University of Colorado

Duane D-245,University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 80309

Fax: (303)-492-6946



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