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Atmospheric Composition

We propose to document, analyze and understand the global ozone distribution between 500hPa and 50hPa. The investigation will focus on EOS observations of ozone and other trace gases between July 2004 and June 2011 (assuming that EOS-Aura observations are available) and will use modeling and assimilation systems developed at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Three overarching questions will be addressed, specifically: 1. What processes control the physical and chemical state of the atmosphere 2. Can trace gas observations be used to constrain dynamics and transport in analyses and reanalyses? 3. What is the minimum observing system required to constrain ozone in the 500-50hPa layer? Each of these questions addresses different components of the ROSES-2008/MAP research call by posing a different set of challenges that can be addressed by the unique group of scientists involved in this work. As a whole, the scientific questions and technical developments will contribute to the development of Earth System Models and an Integrated Earth System Analysis capability at NASA GSFC. Question (1) addresses aspects of the climate state in the early 21st Century, including weather-related variations of ozone and the radiative forcing of climate by ozone; addressing this question will involve unique combinations of different types of space-based information about ozone. Question (2) addresses issues associated with spurious transport in atmospheric analyses by developing a new approach to using NASA's trace gas observations to constrain the residual circulation and combining this with the synoptic features in the meteorological analyses. Finally, question (3) asks how well ozone can be constrained from NPP/NPOESS observations, which is relevant to weather and climate in the next decade.

Project PI: Steven Pawson/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Code 610.1, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA

Phone: 301-614-6159



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