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Atmospheric Composition, Climate Variability & Change

Efforts to understand recent climate changes, primarily attributed to increased greenhouse gas concentrations, are confounded by concurrent changes in aerosols and short-lived gaseous species. During recent decades, anthropogenic aerosols have generally decreased at high latitudes of the northern hemisphere, but probably increased at lower latitudes. This period also has extensive time-series for observed aerosol/chemistry and climate, including surface air temperature, radiation, sea level pressure and clouds At GISS we have developed an Earth System model framework allowing transient model runs including gas and aerosol chemistry schemes fully coupled to climate and deep ocean. We have a new aerosol microphysical scheme (MATRIX), a new cloud microphysical scheme linked to MATRIX, a scheme for dependence of albedo on snow black carbon (BC), and we are implementing secondary organic aerosols. For climate experiments, it is important to have aerosol species fully coupled to climate especially for indirect effects and for effects of BC on snow albedo because of coupling among climate, clouds, cryosphere and aerosols. The time is optimal to test our enhanced model against observed trends, and to use the model to understand recent climate change. For example we propose to address: (1) How have high-latitude aerosol reductions affected Arctic climate? (2) How have increasing low-latitude aerosol affected tropical clouds and climate? (3) How has the aerosol mixing state evolved during recent decades? (4) Does our model explain the observed changes in radiation, global dimming/brightening? (5) How do GHG and aerosol climate impacts compare? We will also participate in hind-cast intercomparison exercises with AeroCom, AC&C; and HTAP.

PI: Dorothy Koch/Columbia University/GISS

680 Armstrong Mail Code: 0205 New York, NY 10025

Phone: (212) 678-5561

Fax: (212) 678-5638



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