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The Hayward fault along the east side of San Francisco Bay has been identified as having the highest risk of a damaging earthquake in the region. We propose acquisition of UAVSAR repeat-pass interferometry (InSAR) for geodetic imaging optimally designed to measure the elastic strain accumulation on the Hayward fault that can drive future earthquakes and other surface deformation including landslides in the Berkeley Hills. We will analyze the aseismic strain release (creep) on parts of the Hayward fault to determine how much of the overall fault motion is being released gradually without large earthquakes. We will develop geophysical models for the dynamical evolution of stress and strain on the fault system and infer properties of the fault zone to improve our understanding of the Hayward fault and other active faults in California and elsewhere. Our second objective is to understand motion of deep-seated landslides in the Berkeley Hills where large blocks of soil and weathered rock are slowly sliding downhill at about 30 mm per year. Our previous InSAR studies of these landslides hinted at strong linkage between precipitation and rate of motion. We will study the temporal behavior of the landslides and develop mechanical models for response of the materials to the force of gravity, groundwater level changes, and seismic shaking to better predict their future behavior. The UAVSAR system provides the capability to respond to small and large deformation events, including any earthquakes that occur during our study and aseismic deformation on the Hayward fault that has varied substantially in the past twenty years, as well as the variations in motion of the landslides with precipitation. The flexibility of the airborne platform will enable measurements of the full 3-dimensional motion of the Earth's surface and prepare for future NASA InSAR missions such as DESDynI.

Project PI: Eric Fielding/Jet Propulsion Lab

Jet Propulsion Laboratory M/S 300-233 4800 Oak Grove Drive Pasadena, CA 91109

Phone: 818.354.9305

Fax: 818.354.9476



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