UAVSAR Imaging of Seismically and Tectonically Active Regions in Northern and Southern California

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We propose to observe seismically and tectonically active regions in northern and southern California using UAVSAR to support EarthScope activities. We will conduct UAVSAR flights in three yearly campaigns in three regions: Northern California across the Bay Area, the front of the Transverse Ranges, and in the Southern California region west of and spanning the Salton Trough. Northern and southern California are marked by frequent earthquakes and are actively deforming. The UAVSAR flights will serve as a baseline for pre-earthquake activity. We have picked rapidly deforming regions and will make estimates of total displacement for each region. As time goes on and as more observations are collected we will be able to determine partitioning of strain between faults. We will measure anthropogenic signals as well. Should an earthquake occur during the course of this project, we will observe postseismic motions associated with the earthquakes. We will test the earthquake forecasting methodology developed by Rundle through NASA's QuakeSim project by observing regions indicated as having high probability for earthquakes in the near future. We will address NASA's Strategic Goal 3A, which is to Study Earth from space to advance scientific understanding and meet societal needs. We will integrate UAVSAR data into models to understand fault systems resulting NASA Strategic sub-goal outcome 3A.6: Progress in characterizing and understanding Earth surface changes. We address this call by demonstrating the application of geodetic imaging technologies to advance scientific objectives of EarthScope. We address EarthScope's two goals of studying crustal strain and deformation, and faults and earthquake processes. We will study crustal strain and incorporate the data into conceptual models that improve our understanding of earthquake processes and hazards. Specifically we address the science goals: 1) Distribution of crustal deformation, 2) correlating deformation with regional tectonics and seismicity, and 3) patterns of deformation. Project PI: Andrea Donnellan/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mail Stop 238-600 4800 Oak Grove Drive Pasadena, CA 91 109-8099 USA Phone: (818)-354-4737 Fax: (818)-393-4965 Email:
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Cristina Milesi


Cristina Milesi