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The proposed investigation is focused on understanding what governs post-eyewall replacement intensification in tropical cyclones (both tropical storms and hurricanes). The investigation will consider some 40 Atlantic storms that took place during the 1998 - 2006 time period including 16 tropical cyclones that were sampled during the four recent NASA hurricane field experiments (i.e., CAMEX-3 1998, CAMEX-4 2001, TCSP 2005, NAMMA 2006). The foremost scientific objective is to determine through a 'superposed epoch' compositing analysis what small scale and large scale processes govern whether intensification takes place or does not take place following the completion of an eyewall redevelopment process in the course of an eyewall replacement cycle. This represents the first investigation to use a wide spectrum array of satellite, aircraft, and model-generated datasets to understand how physical processes and atmospheric-ocean parameters behave during the intensification stage of tropical cyclone. Our proposal responds to NASA's Earth Science Strategic Subgoal 3A: Study Planet Earth from Space to Advance Scientific Understanding and Meet Societal Needs -- Question 3A.2 Enable Improved Predictive Capability for Weather and Extreme Weather Events. The research is most closely related to 'Key Science Question' Number 6 in the Proposal Opportunity section of Roses (Section 1.2): What is role of internal structure changes, including rainbands, eyewall replacement cycles, and storm asymmetries on tropical cyclone intensity change?

Project PI: Eric Smith/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 912.1, Greenbelt, MD 20771

Phone: 301-614-6286



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