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This proposal on hurricane genesis is prepared to address the NASA Hurricane Science Research Program NRA. Specifically it is aimed towards addressing the following questions. 1) Do environmental stability and moisture play key roles in determining whether disturbances develop or fail to develop into tropical cyclones? Or is the key factor related to dynamic processes and interaction with environmental vertical wind shear? Do vertical wind shear and dry air act together in a nonlinear manner to weaken insipient tropical disturbances and tropical cyclones? 2) What environmental (e.g. vertical wind shear, upper-level outflow jets, low to mid-level moisture, upper-level troughs), oceanic (e.g. warm eddies) and inner core (e.g. hot towers) factors govern rapid intensification? 3) Do hot towers and convective bursts play a major role or are they merely an indicator of energy conversion processes (e.g. associated with movement over a warm ocean eddy)? 4) What is the role of internal structure changes and storm asymmetries on tropical cyclone intensity change? 5) Does the formation of cyclonic vorticity at the surface originate at low levels and grow upward? What is the role of deep convection in this process? We address the genesis issue of tropical cyclone using a state-of-the-art mix of satellites, research aircraft datasets from field experiments, data assimilation, mesoscale suite of models and process oriented post-processing.

Project PI: Tiruvalam Krishnamurti/Florida State University

EOAS -- Meteorology Florida State University P.O. Box 3064520 Tallahassee, FL 32306-4520

Phone: (850) 644-2210 

Fax: (850) 644-9642



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