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With this proposal we seek to carry out a number of improvements to the analysis of space based geodetic data that we believe will lead to increased accuracy of global geodetic results. We will concentrate our efforts on improving the analysis of orbits for the global positioning system (GPS) satellites, better modeling and analysis of environmental effects of GPS phase and range data and on combining GPS and other space geodetic results. As part of our study we will investigate how best to model radiation pressure effects on GPS satellites, which can be shown to influence the estimates of the origin of the terrestrial reference frame (center of mass motions) and on Earth orientation parameter rates of change such a length-of-day (lod). As part of this effort, we will re-process using the latest analysis methods, GPS data going back to the early 1990s. We also propose to enhance an existing component of the GAMIT/GLOBK package, the kinematic positioning module track, to have it operate in a real-time mode. These modifications will be made to enhance the detection real-time position changes over short intervals of time, e.g., position changes over 1-10 seconds. Large position changes over these durations could be due to seismic wave arrivals and episodic volcanic activity. As always, the improvements we make to our analysis software will be immediately made available to the wider community through the free distribution of source code and executables for the GAMIT/GLOBK analysis package.

Project PI: Thomas Herring/Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rm 54-618, Departmant of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA, 02139

Phone: (617)-253-5941 

Fax: (617)-253-1699



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