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I will determine interseismic strain accumulation in space and time across metropolitan Los Angeles, comprehensively analyzing the 250 permanent GPS sites in the Southern California Integrated GPS Network and all available geodetic data, including trilateration, campaign GPS, and other PBO data. As of 2007 I have, on the basis of at least five years data, estimated the velocities of 240 permanent GPS sites, many more than the 42 in Argus et al. [2005] and the 36 in Southern California Earthquake Center Crustal Motion Map version 3 based on this much data. This is resulting in significant science advance. I will: (1) Determine the distribution of reverse slip between the Puente Hills, Sierra Madre, and other metropolitan Los Angeles thrust faults, (2) Use finite element (GeoFEST, PyLITH) and analytic (EDGRN/EDCMP) models of elastic strain accumulation to evaluate the effect of the Los Angeles sedimentary basin on estimates of slip rates and locking depths, (3) Estimate the slip rate and locking depth of the Mojave segment of the San Andreas fault because four published estimates all differ significantly, (4) Roughly correct site velocities for water and oil management and natural water phenomena, and (5) Determine, and compare with prior models, a model of southern California specifying the angular velocities of about 25 elastic blocks and the slip rates and locking depths of the faults between the blocks. This research fulfills NASA's goals of better forecasting the likelihood and location of earthquakes, understanding the dynamics driving deformation, and determining Earth's response to tectonics, climate, and man.

Project PI: Donald Argus/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 4800 Oak Grove Dr. Pasadena, CA 91109 United States

Phone: (626)297-7129

Fax: (818)393-4965



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