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This proposal requests funds for the maintenance, updating, and distribution of a package of programs for computing ocean tide loading, to enable the corrections for such loading to be widely and accurately applied to space-geodetic and gravity measurements. These programs were developed and have been maintained by funding from previous NASA programs in solid-Earth geophysics, with the aim of providing a fully-documented and user-friendly loading program that can be used by the space geodetic community both for routine calculation and research investigations. The current version incorporates both global and local tidal models; the method of computation makes it straightforward to combine models seamlessly. The funding requested here will provide for: Continued updating of global tidal models as new results become available. Inclusion of additional local tidal models, collected from various sources; this collection will make it easy for investigators interested in different areas to use the most current models, and to compare results from different models. Improvements in ancillary information; this will include new Green function files to cover a range of crustal models, and selected upgrades of the coastline depiction, especially for the Antarctic. Distribution of the program package and documentation, and support of the package to the user community. Provision of loading results directly to the International GPS Service and other geodetic investigators, to provide, indirectly, access to precise local tidal models not otherwise available. The availability of this package will make it relatively easy to include ocean-loading corrections in a variety of geodynamical and space-based measurements, thus contributing to the quality of a large number of NASA programs in solid-earth geophysics.

Project PI: Duncan Agnew/Scripps/University of California

Duncan Agnew IGPP 0225 University of California La Jolla CA 92093-0225 USA

Phone: 858-534-2590



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