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Atmospheric Composition

We propose to measure key trace gases in the atmosphere from sub orbital platforms: CO2, CH4, N2O, CO from WB57F, ER-2, other aircraft; CO2 from OMS balloon and/or UAS. We will analyze data, present scientific results, and participate in science teams assembled by NASA for field measurements. Our sensors include two NDIR airborne/balloon CO2 sensors experienced on the ER-2, WB57F, Proteus, King Air, Citation-2, and OMS balloons, and a new Quantum Cascade Laser Spectrometer (QCLS) for CO2, CH4 N2O, and CO. The QCLS recently demonstrated excellent return of science-quality on the NCAR-GV aircraft for 130 hrs of flight. Our research and data products include: 1. High accuracy 1 Hz data for CO, CH4, N2O and CO2 from 1000 to 50 mb for (a) calibration and validation of AURA (AIRS, MOPITT) and OCO satellite data and (b) determination of transport rates into, within, and out of the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere (UT/LS) and tropical tropopause layer (TTL), and (c) analysis of sources of greenhouse gases. 2. Determination of origin of air in the TTL and LS, using tracer data. 3. Complete age spectra defining the ensemble of transit times in the TTL/LS, defining global scale rates for transport, and fluxes, into/out of the stratosphere, of H2O vapor and isotopes, ice, halocarbons, hydrocarbons, and O3. This element includes delineation of the fraction of reactive species removed by chemical or physical processes in the UT, TTL or lowermost stratosphere before entering the global stratosphere. 4 .Constraints on rates for vertical transport in convective events, and determination of the admixture of boundary layer air into the TTL/UT/LS. In science teams assembled for NASA missions, our group will contribute comprehensive, accurate, reliable tracer data sets to provide needed data for analysis of field observations and satellite data by the entire team.

Project PI: Steven Wofsy/Harvard University

Room 110D Pierce Hall 29 Oxford Street Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: (617)495-4566

Fax: (617)495-4551



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