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In response to ROSES NN-H08-Z-DA001 N-ACField, we propose to extend the strategic SHADOZ (Southern Hemisphere Additional Ozonesonde Network; <>) coordinated ozonesonde-radiosonde network for continuous validation and cross-calibration of satellite instruments, including OMI, TES, HRDLS, MLS. Data collection, weekly at 14 operational locations, will be optimized, as in 2005-2008, for Aura overpasses, with special launches during aircraft and groundbased campaigns. Stations participating in SHADOZ in 2009-2012, some at no cost to NASA, are: Ascension Island; Natal; Paramaribo; San Cristóbal; Fiji; American Samoa; Hilo; Hanoi; Kuala Lumpur; Irene; Watukosek; Reunion Island; Alajuela; Nairobi. The data will be archived in a timely manner at the SHADOZ website, with additional transmittal through the Aura Validation Data Center (AVDC) and WOUDC. Equally important with validation, NASA’s goal of ozone recovery detection and ozone-climate interactions in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL) are served with the additional data. Without the electrochemical concentration cell ozone data and the vertical resolution of soundings, we cannot monitor, much less understand, the TTL, where dehydration occurs, lifetimes of very-short-lived species may change and climate-ozone interactions are very sensitive. SHADOZ has collected > 4000 ozone and P-T-U profiles at 15 tropical and subtropical stations since 1998 [Thompson et al., 2003a]. Quality assurance of the sondes and interpretation of minor differences in ozonesonde technique are major SHADOZ accomplishments in the past 3 years [Smit et al., 2007; Thompson et al., 2007a; Deshler et al., 2008]. So are numerous TTL studies, with differing interpretations of transport mechanisms in that critical region. At least six papers in the special JGR Aura Validation Issue feature SHADOZ observations made since Aura’s launch. SHADOZ will continue a tropical ozone record with the high level of accuracy and precision derived from intercomparison activities of the World Meteorological Organization. SHADOZ is also part of WMO/IGACO, GCOS and NDACC protocols.

Project PI: Anne Thompson/Penn State Univ

510 Walker Building University Park, PA 16802

Phone: (814) 865-0479



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