Virtual Labs FAQ

Q: I can't login to my AWS instance using SSH

  • Make sure you have saved the private key that was generated durning lab 1 (labtest.pem) and that the key is read-only on your local system. To change the labtest.pem file permission on Linux or Mac via the command line:

chmod 600 labtest.pem

  • Make sure you use the ec2-user as the user account (see video)
  • After your instance has launched click the Connect button to see what the hostname or IP address is and use that to connect via SSH.

For example, if your private key is labtest.pem and the host is, you can connect via ssh:

ssh -i labtest.pem ec2-user@

Q: How can I login to my AWS instance Windows

  • In case of Windows, use one of the Windows SSH clients, such as Putty or Mobixterm
  • Here is documentation that is specific to using Putty to connect to AWS