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This is the public page to share experience and tips for using data from the Suomi NPP VIIRS instrument. Resources and the wiki are readable without logging in. Please log in to post your own resources or wiki entries.


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  • JENNIFER DUNGAN, 9 months

    Hi Matthieu, I can't answer for CLASS processing. Here at Ames, we've been relying on the evaluation vegetation index products generated by the Land PEATE

  • Matthieu Molinier, 9 months, 1 week


    It seems Vegetation Index EDR product is cloud-masked until 2014, May 24. After that date, clouded pixels do not show NULL value anymore.

    Did something go wrong in the bulk processing of 380 images when ordering on CLASS ? Is there a VIIRS cloud mask product available at the finest resolution (375m), for EDR Vegetation Index and I bands ? Intermediate Cloud mask and other VIIRS Cloud EDR products are coarser.

    Best regards

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