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This proposal continues the GSFC/Wallops Flight Facility core program of ozone measurements for satellite calibration and validation; temperature and water vapor will be included on a limited basis. The Upper Air Instrumentation Research Project (UAIRP) of Instrumentation Science Branch(614) proposes ozonesonde measurements from Wallops, Natal, Brazil and Ascension Island using balloon-borne electrochemical concentration cell (ECC) ozonesondes, Accurate Temperature Measuring (ATM) radiosondes, and chilled mirror hygrometer (CMH) "Snow White" sondes. This effort continues the long-term ozone database established thirty-eight years ago. The ATM radiosonde enables true ambient temperature measurements to within 0.2 K. The ATM radiosonde was non-routinely flown for AIRS and AURA validation and will be similarly utilized. The CMH sonde permits better relative humidity measurements to the tropopause than from routine radiosondes. The first CMH was flown at Wallops Island in 1997 with SAGE and later as validation for AIRS, in field missions such as CAMEX and NAMMA, as well as the AWEX and AWEX-G missions. There will be continuation of cooperation with INPE at Natal, Brazil that began in the 1970's for ozonesonde releases. Also, ECC instruments have been flown since 1998 from the US Air Force site on Ascension Island as part of the SHADOZ network and should continue for the forseeable future. All data are archived, e.g., at AVDC, WOUDC, NDACC, SHADOZ and will be maintained by Instrumentation Sciences Branch at Wallops Island. Historically, the Upper Air Instrumentation Research Project (UAIRP) effort has included the PI, programmer/analyst, meteorologist, and part time chemist. Funding will cover salaries, expendables, transportation of supplies, and travel. The overall theme of this proposal, in addition to satellite validation, is to further the use of newly acquired in situ and remote data and utilize older data to emphasize separation and identification of instrument differences from natural atmospheric variability.

Project PI: Francis Schmidlin/NASA

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,Wallops Flight Facility Code 614.6 Wallops Island, VA 23337

Phone: (757) 824-1618

Fax: (757) 824-1036



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