Fire in the Future: Understanding Fire Behavior and Risk in a Changing Climate

Related Research Areas
Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems, Climate Variability & Change, Weather
Project Description
Across the world, wildfires impose significant challenges to land managers seeking to protect human lives and property, as well as ecological functionality. Climate change, which is projected to affect local and regional weather patterns and disrupt biotic processes, will only add additional complications in the future. We are interested in a multi-tiered approach to understand fire in both ecological and atmospheric terms. Over the course of two months during the summer of 2013, the three principal researchers in our group modeled wildfire effects on various spatial and ecological scales: from understanding climate change's effect on future biomass/primary productivity, fire risk across the western United States, and fire behavior in a simulated environment. We seek to continue this research in numerous ways throughout our graduate education and beyond. This page will serve as a platform for both displaying our past research, as well as describing current academic efforts that we are undertaking.
Project Administrator(s):
Matthew Lammers,
Andrew Kumler,
Anthony DiBiase


Matthew Lammers
Andrew Kumler
Anthony DiBiase