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Anav et al.   Evaluation of different DGVMs in reproducing satellite derived LAI. Part 2. Earth System Models Coupled
Anyamba et al.   30 years of growing season NDVI patterns and trends over the Sahel
Alessandri et al.   TBD
Atzberger et al.    Phenological metrics derived over the European continent from NDVI3g data and MODIS time series
Barichivich et al.    Drought and growing season photosynthetic activity in northern terrestrial ecosystems
Beck et al.    Interpretation of cross-sensor remotely sensed boreal vegetation productivity pattens
Bhatt et al.    Pan-Arctic tundra vegetation change and variability
Bi et al.    Divergence in trends of vegetation greenness between North America and Eurasia
Brown et al.    Relating observed trends in nutritional status from 1985-2011 using demographic and health survey data to variations in environmental conditions as measured by the GIMMS NDVI3g dataset
Ciais et al.    Comparison of phenology and soil moisture simulated by a process based model with 30 years of microwave and visible remote sensing observations over Africa
Cook et al.    Long–term greening and browning trends in global pasture lands
Dardel et al.    28 years of rangeland monitoring in Sahel from the sky and on the ground (Gourma, Mali)
Dong et al.    Climatic warming affecting cropping system and pattern in Northern Temperate regions
Dye et al.    Seasonality and trends in snow-cover, vegetation index, and temperature in northern Eurasia: 1982 to 2011
Eastman et al.    Global trends in seasonality of NDVI, 1982-2011
Erasmi et al.    Vegetation greenness and dynamics over Northeast Brazil and its relation to ENSO
Fensholt et al.    Assessment of land degradation/recovery in the African Sahel from long-term Earth Observation based vegetation and precipitation trends: EO-based land degradation assessment in Sahel
Forkel et al.    Trend change detection in NDVI time series: effects of inter-annual variability and methododology
Guerschman et al.    Assimilating observations of FPAR in a hydrological model for Australia
Hashimoto et al.    Structural uncertainty in model-simulated trends of global Gross Primary Production
Høgda et al.    Vegetation dynamics in northern Fennoscandia with focus on the start of growing season
Ichii et al.    Evaluation of temporal variations in modeled terrestrial carbon cycle in Asia using long-term record of satellite based vegetation indices
Ivits et al.    Characterization of phenological change varieties of global ecosystems
de Jong et al.    Shifts in global vegetation-activity trends
Van Leeuwen et al.    Trends and ENSO/AAO driven variability in productivity and phenology alongside the Andes Mountains
Luo et al.    Validating satellite-derived start of season with estimated leaf unfolding data in the deciduous broadleaf forest of northern China
Mao et al.    Global latitudinal-asymmetric vegetation growth trends and their driving mechanisms: 1982-2009
Mao et al.    Global estimation of CMIP5 Earth System Models in simulating Leaf Area Index against remote-sensing products
Murray-Tortarolo et al.    Evaluation of different DGVMs in reproducing satellite derived LAI. Part 1: Uncoupled DGVMs
Mathukumalli et al.    Long-term variability in vegetation dynamics in the Indo-Bangladesh Sundarban mangrove ecosystem
Nan et al.    Detecting turning points in seasonal vegetation greenness in the Northern Hemisphere over the last 30 years
Pettorelli et al.    NDVI in ecology: where and when does it work best?
Preiffer et al.    Spatial heterogeneity in LAI and fapar across biomes in East Africa - validating new AVHRR - derived global vegetation products with field data
Piao et al.    Vegetation greeness changes in SouthEast Asia over the last three decades
Pinzon et al.    Revisiting error, precision and uncertainty in NDVI AVHRR data: development of a consistent NDVI3g time series
Saatchi et al.    Coupled impact of climate and land use change on Caspian Sea basin hydrology
Scheftic & Zeng et al.    Comparison of the interannual variability of Fractional Vegetation Cover and the seasonal variability of Green Vegetation Fraction over the North American Monsoon Region using four different NDVI products
Vrieling et al.    Length of growing period over Africa: variability and trends from 30 years of NDVI time series
Wang Kai et al.    Evaluation of a land surface solar radiation partitioning scheme using remote sensing and FLUXNET FPAR datasets
Williams et al.    TBD
Xu et al.    Changes in satellite-derived vegetation growth dynamics trends in China from 1982 to 2011
Zhou et al.    Interannual variability of vegetation greenness and its linkage with hydroclimate variables over the last 30 years
Zhu et al.    Global data sets of vegetation LAI3g and FPAR3g derived from GIMMS NDVI3g for the period 1981 to 2011


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