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The main goal of proposed research is to enhance ground-based ozone data sets at selected US continental sites for investigation of natural and anthropogenic causes of the spatial and temporal variability in stratospheric and tropospheric ozone. The addition of the new Brewer ozone data to the well-established, but aging Dobson Umkehr network will assure continuous ground-based support for current and future US ozone-monitoring satellites. The Umkehr ozone network data assure quality of the blended satellite datasets for global monitoring of stratospheric ozone recovery. The proposed work will concentrate on utilizing multi-spectral and low sun zenith sky ground-based measurements for enhancement of ozone profile retrieval. This approach tends to reduce operational time for routine Brewer Umkehr measurements and resolve schedule conflict for monitoring networks with primary objectives of UV and total ozone measurements. It also allows for profile reduction of the past Brewer measurements with a partial range of solar zenith angles. We will test our new algorithm on the zenith sky data that are regularly measured by the Brewer # 171 at NASA/Goddard in Greenbelt, DC since 2001. The Brewer Mark III instrument was optically characterized in the lab, and has the best kept record of long-term stability and performance. Once the algorithm is configured and optimized for the Mark III instrument, we will proceed with modifications of the algorithm to utilize zenith sky data from the Brewer Mark IV instrument, which is part of the NOAA EPA UV Brewer (NEUBrew) network since 2006. The optical characterization of the NEUBrew instruments will be done at NOAA/ESRL, Boulder. The specific instrument parameters will be incorporated in the retrieval algorithm for enhanced ozone profile product. The product will be routinely archived at the NEUBrew data center and made readily available for the network users and satellite data validation activities.

Project PI: Irina Petropavlovskikh/NOAA

NOAA/ESRL, 325 Broadway Boulder, CO 80305-3337


Phone: (303) 497-6279


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