Semi-Automatic Science Workflow Synthesis for High-End Computing

Related Research Areas
Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems, Climate Variability & Change, Earth Surface & Interior
Project Description
The goal of this project is to enhance the capabilities for collaborative data analysis and modeling in Earth sciences. We will develop a system that will enable capture and management of research in Earth sciences through a semi-automated workflow generation, archiving and management including seamless migration of workflow execution between commodity and high-end computing resources at NASA. We propose to develop a set of components for identifying processing steps during execution of scientific codes, converting these steps into VisTrails workflow components, assisting user in completing the workflow and enabling workflow processing in the HEC environment. We will integrate this system with the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX), a collaboration platform for the Earth science community that provides a mechanism for scientific collaboration, knowledge and data sharing together with direct access to almost 1PB of Earth science data and 10,000-cores processing system.
Project Administrator(s):
Petr Votava