Aerosol-climate interaction based on multi-satellite sensor retrievals of aerosol radiative properties

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Atmospheric Composition, Climate Variability & Change
Project Description
We have developed a technique for combining CALIOP aerosol backscatter, MODIS spectral AOD (aerosol optical depth), and OMI AAOD (absorption aerosol optical depth) measurements for the purpose of estimating full spectral sets of aerosol radiative properties, and ultimately for calculating direct aerosol radiative effects. As preparatory work, we carried out sensitivity studies, tested our methodology using suborbital observations, and investigated the consistency between MODIS and CALIOP derived AOD for eight months of data in 2007 and 2009. These studies are carried out largely to investigate the propagation of uncertainties in the multi-sensor input data into the aerosol radiative property estimates.
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