Providing Scientific and Technical Guidance to the Development and Evaluation of the Integrated Flux Pilot Product: Forcing Evaluation, Parameter Optimization, Uncertainty Assessment and Product Validation

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Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems
Project Description
More accurate quantification of net carbon dioxide exchange over regions, continents, or the globe can improve our understanding of the feedbacks between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere in the context of global change and facilitate climate policy-making. The development of a benchmark carbon flux product using NASA’s state-of-the-art models and observational constraints is essential for improved understanding of the global carbon cycle and carbon policymaking. I believe that my research experience and expertise can significantly contribute to the pre-Phrase A and pilot initiatives for the development of the Carbon Monitoring System. I propose to provide scientific and technical input to the development and evaluation of the Integrated Flux Product. The guidance and insights I propose to provide can be summarized as follows: (1) provide guidance and recommendation to the overall development plan for the Flux Product; (2) evaluate and/or calibrate key spatial input data to the CASA model that can lead to significant biases in flux estimates; (3) optimize the key parameters of CASA using carbon fluxes measured at eddy covariance flux towers (e.g., Fluxnet) and state-of-the-art data assimilation techniques; (4) conduct uncertainty assessment of the bottom-up flux estimates derived from CASA; (5) produce global gridded flux fields for the period April 2009 - April 2010 from Fluxnet data, MODIS data streams, and aboveground biomass data using our EC-MOD upscaling system; (6) develop an evaluation plan and validate bottom-up flux estimates (CASA) using our independent, novel gridded flux fields; (7) evaluate the top-down fluxes derived from GOSAT observations using our EC-MOD flux fields. In addition, although I only propose for Science Definition Team (SDT) membership for the Flux Product, I plan to assimilate the global aboveground biomass and tree height maps and the Pilot Biomass Product that will also be developed for the Carbon Monitoring System into our EC-MOD upscaling system to account for the effects of disturbance and stand age, which will improve our flux estimates and also demonstrate how the pilot biomass product can be used to improve the estimates of flux fields and the constraining of terrestrial carbon budgets. I will be happy to work closely with NASA Headquarters and the NASA Center core teams in the production and validation of the Integrated Flux Product. I will attend the SDT meetings and be available for teleconferences as needed.
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Jingfeng Xiao


Jingfeng Xiao