AirMOSS Algorithms

Related Research Areas
Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems, Climate Variability & Change, Water & Energy Cycles, Weather
Project Description
This project is for implementing algorithms to generate AirMOSS Level-2 through Level-4 products. Understanding how ecosystems exchange carbon with the atmosphere is a driving scientific and societal question. How much carbon plants sequester is affected by how much water is available to their roots (i.e., root zone soil moisture, or RZSM). Knowledge of RZSM is currently derived from localized, point-scale measurements at flux tower sites. Lack of current knowledge about RZSM and its spatial distribution is believed to contribute 60-80 percent of the uncertainty about how much the ecosystem exchanges carbon with the atmosphere (net ecosystem exchange, or NEE).
Project Administrator(s):
Mahta Moghaddam


Mahta Moghaddam
Sushil Milak
Mariko Burgin
Xueyang Duan
Alireza Tabatabaeenejad